Rory Milbank

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I have been actively involved in agriculture for about 30 years. During this time I have constantly been seeking the truth behind correct soil and plant nutrition and thus correct animal and human nutrition.

Very little meaningful information on soil  nutrition was available until I met Dr Roget Beaufils, founder of DRIS Soil Management system in 1989.

This most valuable approach produced some very good results, however, seemed to be limited regarding the information on the importance and use of Boron. Later on in 2005, I attended a seminar on Sustainable Agriculture presented  by Graeme Sait. The information contained therein suddenly made a great deal of sense and through this I was introduced to the works of Dr William Albrecht, the Father of Soil Science.

I finally found a soil nutrition management system that works. It provides methods for sustainable crop production on an eco-friendly basis, addressing the Physical, Mineral and Biological aspects of the soil, thereby greatly reducing the need for chemical interventions.

Much of my knowledge has been learned in the field, through hands-on practical application and witnessing phenomenal results first hand. I have found indigenous soils in this country that are naturally balanced to the norms set down by Dr Albrecht and thus firmly believe in his philosophy and that soils can be rehabilitated by using biological farming methods.

I am a registered consultant with Brookside Laboratories in New Knoxville, Ohio, which is one of the oldest and most successful consulting associations in the world. Brookside Laboratories provide analytical services covering soils, growing mediums,fertilizers, manures, compost, water, herbicide residues, lime quality etc. They provide results timeously, which are consistently accurate, impartial and unbiased thus making it possible for me to make the best possible recommendations for crop and soil management. Please visit their site www.blinc.com for further information.

I am passionate about biological farming practices and consult to numerous farmers who are seeking solutions as the current chemical approach isn’t leading to fewer production problems and reduced chemical usage.

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